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Sustainable, Vegan Living

Going vegan is a sustainable, ethical and healthy way to live. However, some people may find it challenging to switch to a purely vegan diet. Some problems individuals might face are sticking to vegan, cruelty-free products; maintaining the correct balance of vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy lifestyle; consuming enough calories, protein and amino acids to support an active lifestyle. Below are some tips to sustainably support a vegan lifestyle.

Strict veganism

Only consuming vegan products can be a daunting prospect. Many vegetarian products in supermarkets can not be classified as vegan, because they contain animal products such as eggs and milk. To ensure you are eating vegan:

  • Check for vegan-friendly stickers on products.
  • Check the content packaging of the product.
  • Ask your waiter/waitress what exactly is in the dish.
  • Ask your waiter/waitress what exactly is in the dish.
  • Be careful about dishes such as pasta; these might seem vegan but are not because eggs are often used in making pasta.
  • Substitute non-vegan products (i.e. pasta with rice noodles).

Staying healthy

Maintaining a balance of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients are vital for a healthy, active lifestyle. It might seem hard to get everything you need from a vegan diet, some tips are:

  • Research your food; lookup on the internet about vegan sources of protein, fats and amino acids.
  • Talk to a doctor or nutritionists; they might have insights into what your specific body type needs.
  • Use vegan nutrition shakes that have all your essential nutrients in a convenient form.

More information about maintaining a vegan diet can be found in the following video: